Environmental Responsibility

Freight Innovations are proud to be associated with Food and Trees for Africa and it`s Homestead Project, the most successful township greening initiative in South Africa. This project was originally designed to address SA’s history of inequitable settlement policies, the programme quickly grew to become the country’s benchmark of innovation in urban forestry. A typical project sees two trees going to each home in a township:

  • 1 x fruit tree
  • 1 x indigenous tree

Developing community foresters with training and skills is also an integral part of the programme’s design. These environmental champions create threads of awareness and appreciation and have an opportunity for temporary and long-term employment.

In line with our Corporate Social Responsibility expansion programme, we will have a carbon audit at the end of 2022 which will allow us to work towards reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions. The goal is to become carbon neutral by 2023.
March of each year will also see Freight Innovations plant an orchard at a school to supplement a feeding scheme. Please visit our Facebook page for regular updates or visit our about us page for an update on the total number of trees planted.
Trees Planted



Freight Innovations offers a comprehensive national distribution service which encompasses every facet of logistical requirements. Our highly qualified and competent staff are able to assist in the distribution process to effectively complete the supply chain from point of origin to the consumer.

Our service allows our clients to effectively run their business from a desk while Freight Innovations takes care of distribution. We can collect from any point in South Africa and deliver to any centre, providing a proof of delivery for every consignment.

Freight Innovations utilise strategic partners who are route specialists, maximising the fastest delivery at the best price.

We provide an I.T. freight management package that facilitates every accounting requirement and allows customers to check and manage statements, invoices, waybills and costs at any given time.

Freight Innovations unique and innovative business formula ensures that delivery service levels are efficiently maximised as well as cost efficacy.