Our most cost-effective option for receiving or sending something large to a friend or loved one. This service caters to national delivery within 1-3 business days varying from 1kg all the way to several tonnes.
Our cut off for collections is 13:00 for collection on the same day so planning the collection and delivery ahead of time is advised.
The package will pass through several distribution centres and courier vehicles so packaging is very important. Bubble wrap and cardboard do not offer sufficient protection to fragile goods.
Speak to our friendly customer service department about cardboard crating options for a fragile product and please also see our prohibited items section to ensure that your goods can be transported.
The package will be sent to the address on the waybill so if you opted out of printing a digital waybill the onus is on the sender to fully complete the waybill as an incomplete waybill will cause delays.
Unfortunately, the driver is unable to wait as he has a strict schedule, and any delay will have a domino effect. If there is a valid reason which requires the collection to be rescheduled, contact the call centre as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements.


It is always important to pack your consignment properly; with road freight its especially important to be accurate with the size and weight of your package because space can be limited on these vehicles. If your package is bigger or heavier than anticipated, you might experience delays in shipment or increased costs.

When in doubt, use more bubble wrap! Your packaging needs to withstand the transit conditions which can be quite rough despite our best efforts. Fragile and right side up stickers are suggested and can be requested at no additional charge. Use a box or container that can be stacked. The outer packaging should be solid enough with enough inner support, depending on the product that is being couriered.

If an inventory list should accompany the package, it must be attached to the box in a watertight seal or be placed inside.


When in doubt, put more information on the waybill! A concise and accurate waybill will reduce any room for error or misinterpretation along the way, please include as much information, especially addresses info, as possible. You will either be emailed a waybill by us prior to collection, or our driver will bring a blank waybill when they collect. It is important to confirm which method will be used with one of our consultants to avoid delays.

If you receive a waybill prior to collection, please print it out, complete it as far as possible, and hand it to the driver on collection. He will attach it in a watertight seal to the outside of your consignment.

If the driver brings a blank waybill with him during collection, complete it on the spot and give it back to him. He will put it in a watertight seal on the outside of the consignment.

If the packing slip needs to be returned to the sender, this must be clearly marked on the waybill and it can be included in the seal.


Unfortunately, our tail lift trucks do not go into residential areas due to their size; we also do not have these trucks in all the regions. If for any reason we do not have a tail lift truck in your area; or we can’t send it to your location, then you can collect the item from your nearest depot. If the pallet consists of smaller boxes it can be off-loaded individually.

Exact weight and dimensions are necessary to ensure a speedy delivery. If this information is not accurate, your parcel could be delayed in transit, as the difference in cost will then be requested, and a possible additional service fee may be applied before the parcel’s journey can continue. View our guide to calculate the volumetric weight.

Please visit our domestic transit times table for more information regarding your specific route, or alternatively contact our call centre.

These greatly depend on the service that you would like to use. Our extensive network of vehicles will allow us to move any sized shipment. The only variable may be the transit time depending on the destination. Ensure that the correct loading facilities are available when we collect.

Freight Innovations collects and delivers to any destination in South Africa. If there is a remote area it may be subject to a surcharge. If you are unsure please contact the call center.
No, you do not need an account with us to use our services. We do ask that you register on our client portal to assist us to help you faster should you use our service on a more regular basis. We have several payment methods including EFT, Credit Card and Cape Consumers.



Freight Innovations offers a comprehensive national distribution service which encompasses every facet of logistical requirements. Our highly qualified and competent staff are able to assist in the distribution process to effectively complete the supply chain from point of origin to the consumer.

Our service allows our clients to effectively run their business from a desk while Freight Innovations takes care of distribution. We can collect from any point in South Africa and deliver to any centre, providing a proof of delivery for every consignment.

Freight Innovations utilise strategic partners who are route specialists, maximising the fastest delivery at the best price.

We provide an I.T. freight management package that facilitates every accounting requirement and allows customers to check and manage statements, invoices, waybills and costs at any given time.

Freight Innovations unique and innovative business formula ensures that delivery service levels are efficiently maximised as well as cost efficacy.