As mentioned through all the services, the handing and shifting in trucks or cargo holds will damage goods that are not securely packaged. Bubble wrap and cardboard alone do not always offer sufficient protection and our team can advise on an alternative crating method.


When in doubt, put more information on the waybill! A concise and accurate waybill will reduce any room for error or misinterpretation along the way, please include as much information, especially addresses info, as possible. You will either be emailed a waybill by us prior to collection, or our driver will bring a blank waybill when they collect based on your request.

If the driver brings a blank waybill with him during collection, complete it on the spot and give it back to him. He will put it in a watertight seal on the outside of the consignment.


You can track your domestic and international shipment via the tracking links on our home page or have them emailed and SMSed to you by requesting during your quote request or using the online quote portal and entering the details.

Alternatively, all tracking queries can be sent to where an operator from the tracking department will assist you.

Alternatively, please see our FAQs for everything else that is important.


Our collections close at 13:00 for central regions and 12:00 for regional and outlying areas on the same day. When using our COD portal this will also be confirmed at the time of processing your order.

To cancel a booking request, please call our service desk on 0861 777 913.

International air freight exports and imports are serviced by a freighter plane; these are able to accommodate very large shipments. This service is slower than international courier due to constraints.

Visit the dangerous goods section for further information and contact our call center for information on hazardous cargo packaging for exports.



Freight Innovations offers a comprehensive national distribution service which encompasses every facet of logistical requirements. Our highly qualified and competent staff are able to assist in the distribution process to effectively complete the supply chain from point of origin to the consumer.

Our service allows our clients to effectively run their business from a desk while Freight Innovations takes care of distribution. We can collect from any point in South Africa and deliver to any centre, providing a proof of delivery for every consignment.

Freight Innovations utilise strategic partners who are route specialists, maximising the fastest delivery at the best price.

We provide an I.T. freight management package that facilitates every accounting requirement and allows customers to check and manage statements, invoices, waybills and costs at any given time.

Freight Innovations unique and innovative business formula ensures that delivery service levels are efficiently maximised as well as cost efficacy.