This service is available for consignments that are large and bulky, the international courier service is not an applicable service in this case. The cargo is required to be suitably packed, we do have a crating service which is done on-site at our premises and custom-made to ensure the goods arrive intact at the destination. Crating is an additional cost and quote specific. There are two services available for airfreight exports, either door-to-door or door-to-airport.

Option one: Door-to-door

As implied, the cargo is collected and delivered to the physical address at the destination, this is more expensive but preferred by certain customers as it minimises their involvement with customs and physical handling. Freight Innovations takes care of the delivery which includes customs documentation and clearance and the “local” delivery. This option is sometimes chosen for larger consignments where special handling is required. Transit times will vary, as a rule of thumb, one week to reach the destination and one week to clear through customs, therefore approximately two weeks but may take a few days only, depending on the city, country and customs.

Option two: Door-to-airport

Freight Innovations arranges for the cargo to arrive at the destined airport, the client handles the paperwork and clears the shipment at customs. He is then also responsible for the local delivery. The main difference is the cost as this is a much cheaper option. Transit time may vary, depending on flight availability and could be between 3 and 7 days.


International air freight exports and imports are serviced by a freighter plane; these are able to accommodate very large shipments. This service is slower than international courier due to constraints.
Visit the dangerous goods section for further information and contact our call center for information on hazardous cargo packaging for exports.