This service is specifically designed for very urgent shipments that need to be couriered between major centres for a next day delivery. The routes and transit times are based on available flights offered by the airlines with shipments destined to regional towns being trucked for the last leg of the journey, this also adds and additional day to the transit time.

This is the most suited service if you require Saturday deliveries as many our economy routes are only offloaded on a Sunday or Monday morning. Public holidays may also affect the trucks departure date with airfreight then being a suitable alternative.

Major to Major delivery time is 11:00 and regional deliveries are affected by 16:00 on the second day. We also have an early morning option for deliveries by 09:00 but this is only available in major centres. It is very important that collections are booked early and ready at the confirmed times as the driver may have to leave the collection point and not be able to return due to the strict time schedules.

See our Online portal section under IT infrastructure for info on how our online capabilities can assist you and your team.


We do, please see our completed list here – View Prohibited Goods

The cost is based on the greater volume and the weight; please see our calculator for assistance.

Freight Innovations air freights to all major centers in South Africa, regional and remote areas will take an additional transit day.

This is dependent on the service and destination, contact the call center for advice. Overnight road freight is an option for large items between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Ensure that the airlines will accept your shipment and that it is not hazardous.



If the cargo is being sent by overnight road freight or airfreight, it must be packed securely to withstand the transit conditions and extra handling that occurs. The box (boxes) must have identifiable stickers on it with the waybill reference number to ensure safe delivery.

Fragile and right side up stickers are suggested and can be requested from the call centre at no additional charge. The consignment should be well protected as the cargo is stacked. The outer packaging should be solid enough with enough inner support, depending on the product that is being couriered.

If an inventory list should accompany the package, it must be attached to the box or be placed inside. If required, it can be attached to the waybill. If the packing slip needs to be returned to the sender, this must be clearly marked on the waybill and the customer services consultant should be notified. See our packing guide for more information.Unfortunately, the driver is unable to wait as he has a strict schedule and any delay will have a domino effect. If there is a valid reason which requires the collection to be rescheduled, contact the call center as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements.