The best choice if you need a dedicated vehicle to make sensitive or larger deliveries, the load is collected and delivered with the same truck to remove any additional handling that would otherwise occur. This bespoke service operates nationally, and our vehicles can handle loads from 6 to 32 tonnes.

This service offers a choice between flatbed (open) truck or a closed body truck depending on your consignment. When your collection and delivery point is central, you have the option of either the 20ft, 40ft or both, certain regional destinations would require that the whole truck be used.
During collection and delivery, it is the most important factor when it comes to full truck loads. Our recommended guideline for time allocation is 3 hours for a 20ft container and 4 hours for a 40ft container. It is advised to palletise your loads and load/offload with a forklift, if this is not possible, please request additional labour or arrange it prior to delivery/collection as these trucks only operate with a driver.
We also recommend that a forklift, sufficient warehouse and yard space and enough labour should be accounted for on either side. With prior arrangement, Freight Innovations can organise labour on both ends. If special rigging equipment is required, this needs to be request along with the quotation request.


It goes without saying that the quality of your packing dictates the quality of the end result, and we are equipped to handle this step for you. If you are not able to hand over properly palletised or crated cargo please let us know and this added benefit will be included in our delivery.


Another crucial aspect of this service is the quality of both sender and receiver on-site loading capabilities. We will consider the nature of the consignment as well as the capabilities on either side when deciding which vehicles to use.

In most cases, we recommend that a forklift, warehouse space and enough labour should be accounted for on either side. With prior arrangement, Freight Innovations can organise labour on both ends. In the event that special rigging equipment is required, the delivery/collection will have this factor built in to the costing.


Unfortunately, our tail lift trucks do not go into residential areas due to their size; we also do not have these trucks in all the regions. If for any reason we do not have a tail lift truck in your area; or we can’t send it to your location, then you can collect the item from your nearest depot. If the pallet consists of smaller boxes it can be off-loaded individually.

Due to safety and security reasons, none of our drivers or the drivers are permitted to accept cash at a delivery.

There are three trailer options available, namely 6M, 12M and 15M. Each of these trailers have their own specifications. Send us a load sheet and we will advise accordingly.

Freight Innovations can deliver to any destination in South Africa, provided that accessibility by road is possible. There should also be appropriate docking facilities. Certain remote areas are more expensive as the cost of the return leg is also applicable.



Freight Innovations offers a comprehensive national distribution service which encompasses every facet of logistical requirements. Our highly qualified and competent staff are able to assist in the distribution process to effectively complete the supply chain from point of origin to the consumer.

Our service allows our clients to effectively run their business from a desk while Freight Innovations takes care of distribution. We collect from any point in South Africa and deliver to any centre, providing proof of delivery for every consignment.

Freight Innovations utilise strategic partners, who are route specialists, maximising the fastest delivery at the best price. We provide an I.T. freight management package that facilitates every accounting requirement. It allows customers to check and manage statements, invoices, waybills and costs at any given time.