Freight Innovations is the collaboration of two young entrepreneurs. Craig and Russel Burger spotted the opportunity to establish a niche market in the freight industry. They utilised their background in business, having been exposed to the industry from an early age. In July 2011, Freight Innovations was born.

Success is a journey achieved through innovation.

Russel Burger - Director and joint founder
The current Freight Innovations Team have been together since the preceding decade, the synergy and momentum from intuitive understanding of each other and an intimate knowledge of the logistics industry in what would normally be a complex situation, has led to a formidable team that know what the customer wants and deliver, time after time.

With a reputation that precedes the dynamism, Freight Innovations has state of the art I.T., a customer friendly accounting system that has been specially designed, the fastest response time, efficacy in communication and is simply by far the best choice.

The traditional logistics business model has been bypassed for a non-conventional and innovative one that saves time, has a minimal carbon footprint by utilising space cost-effectively, enables the customer to have the best experience at all times and with a success ratio second to none.

Trust is never gained easily, yet this “Fabulous Find” (Cape Talk 2017) even secures customers by word of mouth across South Africa, such are the service levels, reliability, consistency and successful business transactions that have powered Freight Innovations to grow at a rate that defies market norms.

Local, National and International, this highly motivated team will never cease to impress.

Delia Cooney & Trevor Manual

“Freight Innovations Marketing Manager, Delia Cooney at a recent tree planting event at Yellowwood Primary School with Trevor Manual.”

Delia Cooney & Helen Zille

“Helen Zille and Donovan Senosi, Principal of Woodlands Primary School, in Mitchelles Plain, congratulating Delia Cooney of Freight Innovations. This was for their contribution towards a feeding scheme and for planting trees at the school.”

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